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Aircraft Performance Database v3


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60 kts 450 m L 3175 kg 800 ft/min 90 kts 500 ft/min 120 kts 500 ft/min 120 kts 'no data' ft/min 'no data' 145 kt 'no data' FL230 830 NM no data 'no data' ft/min 140 kt 700 ft/min 110 kt 75 kt 800 ft/min 65 kt A 350 m


Accommodation: One or two pilots and 8 passengers in main cabin.
Notes: Commuter airliner and light utility aircraft. In service since 1981. Turboprop development of BN-2B Islander (ICAO designator: BN2P). 3-engine version: Britten Norman BN2A Mk III Trislander (ICAO designator: TRIS).
Alternative names:
BRITTEN-NORMAN BN-2T Turbine Islander
BRITTEN-NORMAN Defender 4000
BRITTEN-NORMAN Turbine Defender
Defender 4000
ROMAERO BN-2T Turbine Defender
ROMAERO BN-2T Turbine Islander
Turbine Defender
Turbine Islander
BN-2T Turbine Islander