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60 kts 300 m L /    RECAT-EU:Light 1050 kg 400 ft/min 90 kts no data ft/min no data kts no data ft/min no data kts no data ft/min no data 115 kt no data FL130 430 NM no data no data ft/min 120 kt 500 ft/min 110 kt no data kt 500 ft/min 65 kt A 160 m


IATA: no data
Accommodation: One pilot and 3 passengers.
Notes: Light utility aircraft. In service since 1956 (172R since 1996). Exists in many civil and military models. Worldwide about 37.000 aircraft built between 1955 and 1985. Non retractable gear. Last major Skyhawk Model CESSNA 172N. Licence production F172 by REIMS, France. New version 172R and 172SP based on the 172N with quiet engines, GPS/IFR GPS and single axis autopilot were put in production in 1996. US-mil. type: T-41 Mescalero as basic trainer and observation aircraft. Note: Has 2 side windows and rounded rear window.
Alternative names:
CESSNA 172,P172,Skyhawk,Hawk XP
CESSNA R172 Cutlass
F172 Skyhawk
FMA P-172
FP172 Reims Rocket
FR172 Hawk XP
Hawk XP
P172 Hawk XP
R172 Cutlass
REIMS F172,FP172, Skyhawk,Reims Rocket
Reims Rocket
Skyhawk (172)
CESSNA 172,Skyhawk